GeoMax General Catalogue 2013

Total Stations, GPS Systems, Laser, Levels and matching accessories – whatever you need, you’ll find it in our General Catalogue. It contains all products and software you need for surveying, mapping and construction applications. At an affordable price, for both occasional and professional users.






  • GeoMax Total Stations
    Zoom80 Series
    Zoom35 Pro Series
    Zoom30 Pro Series
    Zoom20 Pro Series
    Zipp10 Series

  • GeoMax GNSS
    Zenith25 Series
    Zenith10 & 20 Series

  • GeoMax Controllers
    PS236 Series
    Zenith30 Series
    Zenith05 Series
    Zenith02 Series

  • GeoMax Digital Level
    ZDL700 Series

  • GeoMax Digital Theodolite
  • GeoMax Automatic Level
    ZAL300 Series
    ZAL100 Series

  • GeoMax Laser Rotator
    ZEL400 Series
    ZLT300/200 Series

  • GeoMax Software
    GGO – GeoMax Geo Office

  • GeoMax Accessories

  • GeoMax Quality Management