New firmware for Zenith35/Zenith35 Pro

14 February 2017

A new onboard firmware for the GeoMax Zenith35 and Zenith35 Pro GNSS series has been released.

Beside various improvements on the performance and reliability, this new firmware was enhanced by incorporating a new base setup method and adding the GeoMax Zenith15 to the internal antenna management.

Onboard firmware improvements
Following improvements have been made for the GeoMax Zenith35/Zenith35 Pro:
• The new GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS added to the inbuilt antenna management
• The WebManager is now supporting the Finnish language
• Improvement of NTRIP registration to comply to the latest standards
• Support of point-to-point base setup routine
• Automatic handling of upcoming leap seconds
• Various bug fixes

Update recommendation
Zenith35 Pro
To take advantage of the various improvements and new features, it is mandatory to upgrade all existing Zenith35 Pro GNSS receivers in the market to the new receiver firmware version V2.03 and to the latest Novatel ME firmware OEM_OM7MR0102RN0000.
To take advantage of the various improvements and new features, all existing Zenith35 GNSS receivers should be upgraded to the new receiver firmware version V1.26.

Field Software
The new functionalities of the new Zenith35/Pro firmware are supported by the following Field software packages:
• GeoMax FieldGenius - Support in the next GeoMax FG release (to be announced separately)
• X-PAD - from version 3.0.300 onwards
The field software is available for download here (requries login).

The new firmware will be installed in production with immediate effect, while receivers on stock will be shipped with the previous firmware version. These units can be updated by downloading the firmware from the Partner Area and installed as described in the Installation Guide.

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GeoMax to present at ConExpo/ConAgg

9 February 2017

GeoMax will present its wide range of products at the U.S.'s largest construction tradeshow for construction and agricultural materials and systems 7-11 March in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Held every three years, ConExpo/ConAgg is the premiere industry’s event. GeoMax will be at North Hall - N11466.

ConExpo/ConAgg features materials, technology and systems for commercial and residential construction, interior work for both new-build and modernisation, and renovation on more than 59 acres of exhibition space. The show covers the complete range of state-of-the-art technology in the construction industry. Exhibits are categorised according to building materials, products and themes.

For more information, click here.

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GeoMax awards Gölz&Pfannenschmidt for 100th robotic purchase

7 February 2017

GeoMax recently honoured Gölz&Pfannenschmidt's commitment to the brand for its 100th robotics purchase.

Gölz&Pfannenschmidt, a GeoMax dealer located in Kirchheim unter Teck, Stuttgart, Germany, reached the milestone within two years.

Gölz&Pfannenschmidt have its services team for lasers, levels, total stations and robotic in Kirchheim while the external service is carried out personally by Mr. Gölz, with direct contact to any construction site or remote maintenance, thanks to the mobile Android platform of all GeoMax products.

In Mr. Gölz's opinion, the personal support by the GeoMax staff, the direct access to software development (e.g., X-PAD), and the closest cooperation with the product management from GeoMax AG in Switzerland are the main reasons while he chooses to represent GeoMax. He reinforces even that GeoMax is the only manufacturer that uses Android as mobile platforms for the entire product range.

“Andreas Gölz and his team are a strong and very close partner to GeoMax. Together, we have built up a significant market presence in Germany where they have brought more than 100 robotic total stations into the market," said Katherine Broder, GeoMax president. "Andy and his team have also been a key driver to the success of the X-PAD software, ensuring construction applications and needs are featured in accordingly.”

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GeoMax AG, VI Instruments partner

2 February 2017

GeoMax AG and VI Instruments have partnered to form a joint allignment for the Southern Africa Region.

The company now distributes survey equipment, accessories and nuclear gauges from its head office in Johannesburg and branches in Durban and Cape Town. These offices also contain workshop facilities.

V.I.Instruments has a staff of just under 30 people. All sales personnel and technicians have been fully trained. The total staff in Rutherford accounts for more than 200 members.

The company is accredited for ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. VI Instruments is also a Level 4 contributor to the Broad Based BEE.

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GeoMax Zenith15: New entry level GNSS

18 January 2017

The GeoMax Zenith15 – the new GNSS receiver - has been released. With its internal radio and 3.75 G Penta band GSM, the support of GPS, GLONASS and SBAS systems, the Zenith15 series is tailored to fit to your needs.

Key features:
•    Simultaneous tracking of up to 60 satellites (120 channels)
•    Internal 3.75G Penta Band GSM
•    Integrated UHF
•    USB & Bluetooth™ communication
•    IP68 Dust and waterproof
•    Includes GPS and GLONASS license
•    5 Hz positioning tracking


Onboard Firmware
Zenith15 is delivered with onboard software version 2.70. Please note that this onboard firmware does not contain the Phase Centre Offset values of Zenith35/35Pro. Those values will be integrated in the next Zenith15/25 firmware version. In the meantime these values need to be entered manually when connected to GeoMax Assistant. Detailed information about this process can be found in the Installation Guide on the GeoMax website in the Partner Area.

GeoMax Assistant
A new GeoMax Assistant PC software V. 2.61 is available supporting Zenith15 and Zenith25 Pro. The version is available for download from the GeoMax Partner Area by following the link as stated in the “Downloads” chapter below.

User Manual & Quick Guide
The User Manual featuring all major languages is supplied with the instrument on CD. User manuals and a detailed installation guide can be can be found on the GeoMax website in the Partner Area/

The multilingual Quick Guide incorporates the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

The Quick Guide is available in printed and electronic form. A hardcopy is supplied with each delivery.

Field Software
Zenith15 is supported by the following Field software packages:
•    GeoMax FieldGenius    - from version onwards
•    X-PAD            - from version 3.0.300 onwards

GeoMax Geo Office (GGO)
GGO is not affected by this release and remains in its latest version 3.4. From today on orders can be placed and units are shipped from stock.

Phase Out
Zenith15 will fully replace Zenih10/20 GNSS receivers. Remaining stock quantities are available as long as stock last.

Following bundles have been made to include all required components.
Rover Sets
•    Zenith15 - Net Rover Set;  GSM
•    Zenith15 - Flexible Rover Set;  GSM-UHF
Base Sets

•    Zenith15 - Base Set; GSM-UHF

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GeoMax names Gottlieb Nestle GmbH master dealer

17 January 2017

(Widnau, SWITZERLAND, 17 January 2017) GeoMax, the dependable surveying and construction product provider, announced today Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, recognised manufacturer and distributor of surveying and construction products and accessories, as its master dealer for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Offering an exclusive hub for our quality surveying and construction tools through Gottlieb Nestle GmbH’s well-positioned place in the market gives users a central liaison in the DACH region,” said Katherine Broder, GeoMax president. “This pairing of our well-known performance in the field with the efficiency of Gotttlieb Nestle GmbH’s recognised distribution brings our customers an easier means to obtain the equipment they need while receiving the support they’ve come to depend on.”   

A partnership in the making
Based in Dornstetten, Germany, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH entered into a strategic partnership with GeoMax to distribute its Construction Portfolio in April 2016. Providing durable and dependable products to the construction market, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH quickly realised the comprehensive range of products not only met construction professionals needs but could also support the needs of Gottlieb Nestle GmbH’s surveying customers.

“We’ve actively introduced our customers  to GeoMax products because of the dependability and advanced technology,” said Andreas Kern, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH sales manager. “Once we saw how much our construction customers benefitted from the advanced technology, we knew GeoMax tools could also bring more savings and production to our surveying customers. We’re excited to share the GeoMax Construction and now Surveying Portfolio throughout the entire DACH region.”   

A partnership in action
GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH will be exhibiting at Bau 2017, GeoMax at Hall C3, Stand 639 and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH at Hall A6, Stand 533. Media members are welcomed to visit the stands and speak with subject matter experts throughout the event about the many offerings of GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH.

To learn more about this strategic partnership, watch Kern explain why Gottlieb Nestle GmbH first became a GeoMax distributor here.

Gottlieb Nestle GmbH
Gottlieb Nestle GmbH produces and distributes instruments and accessories for surveying, construction and forestry. As one of Europe's leading providers, with the most comprehensive product range for the entire industry, we provide solutions for all your daily measurement tasks.
The mid-sized, owner-managed company has by tradition and constant innovation for over 80 years products on their quality customer trust. With all our experience, product’s quality and reliability is our intension to make you the Best – according to company’s Motto “Measure with the Best”!

GeoMax Positioning
At GeoMax, we provide a comprehensive portfolio by developing, manufacturing and distributing construction and surveying instruments and software. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes easy-to-use, yet highly productive total stations, GPS/ GNSS instruments, software, lasers, optical and digital levels, and accessories. Our products are known for robustness, ease of use and outstanding price-to-performance ratio. From our base in Europe, our technology is supported by a broad sales and service network covering all continents.   

GeoMax is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B;, a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

For further information please contact:
GeoMax Positioning AG Press Department
Phone:    +41 (0) 71 447 1700

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Zenith35 Pro: New NovAtel Measurement Engine Firmware

26 December 2016

A  new firmware version for NovAtel`s OEM7 Measurement Engine built in GeoMax Zenith35 Pro GNSS receivers has been released.

The new ME firmware addresses a RTK-network connection issue preventing to receive corrections, when connecting to selected NTRIP networks in some countries.

Update recommendation
To take advantage of the improvement, it is recommended to upgrade existing instruments in the market to the new NovAtel Measurement Engine firmware version OM7MR0102SN0005.

Information how to install the ME- firmware can be found in chapter 3.6.3 of the “Zenith35 Pro Installation Guide” available for download in the GeoMax partner area (login required).

Link to Installation Guide

Please note that the receiver’s onboard firmware version remains unchanged at 2.01.

The new ME-firmware version is available for download in the GeoMax partner area

Link to firmware

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GeoMax Zoom90: New enhanced onboard firmware V. 1.02

15 December 2016

The new onboard firmware version 1.02 for Zoom90 Robotic Total Stations has been released.

Various improvements have been implemented for further increasing the system performance and stability.

Update Recommendation
To take advantage of the various improvements, it is recommended to upgrade all existing instruments in the market to the new firmware version 1.02. Information how to install the onboard firmware can be found in chapter 3.2 of the “Zoom90
Installation Guide” available for download in the GeoMax Partner Area (login required).
Link to Installation Guide

The new firmware version is available for download in the GeoMax Partner Area (login required).
Link to firmware

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Upcoming GLONASS Leap Second

14 December 2016

A positive leap second will be inserted into the UTC time 31 December 2016 at 23h59m59s.

To ensure your equipment is working properly, it is recommended to check the Measurement Engine firmware installed. on your receiver and update if required.


NovAtel OEM board version

OEM ME fw version from which onwards leap second is covered

Latest version on GeoMax website


Serial number lower than GMZ103560001





Serial number higher than GMZ103560001








Zenith25 &

Zenith25 Pro/Pro4




(included in receiver firmware V 2.70)



Not affected, since newer ME version preinstalled since release of product

Zenith35 Pro


Not affected

Tracking for GPS, BeiDou and Galileo of GeoMax GNSS receivers should not be affected over the leap second change. GLONASS tracking will drop lock briefly and should recover a few seconds later.

If a GeoMax GNSS receiver is used after the leap second switch, the receiver should have no trouble tracking the GLONASS signals. Nevertheless, if there are still issues tracking GLONASS signals, restart the receiver.

Measurement Engine (ME) Firmware upload

Please refer to the “Zenith10/20 Installation Guide” available for download in the GeoMax partner area (login required).
Link to Installation Guide

The ME firmware is part of the receiver firmware package. How to install the firmware package containing the ME firmware, please refer to the “Zenith25 Installation Guide” available for download in the GeoMax partner area (login required).
Link to Installation Guide

Should you encounter any issues, please contact us via our website.

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GeoMax to present at BAU2017

2 December 2016

GeoMax will present its wide range of products at Germany’s largest construction trade fairs for architecture, materials and systems 16-21 January 2017 in Munich. Held every two years, BAU 2017 is the industry’s most important gathering.

BAU 2017 features materials, technology and systems for commercial and residential construction, interior work for both new-build and modernisation, and renovation on more than 180,000 square metres of exhibition space. The show covers the complete range of state-of-the-art technology in the international construction industry. Exhibits are categorised according to building materials, products and themes.

For more information, visit our exhibitor profile.

To attend BAU2017, register online.

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Introducing GeoMax Zenith35 Pro Series

24 November 2016

We are pleased to announce the GeoMax Zenith35 Pro – the new GNSS receiver. The compact and fully ruggedised Zenith35 Pro with its 555 channels multi-constellation and multi-frequency capability supports all satellite systems today and in the future.

The Zenith35 Pro TAG incorporates the unique ‘Tilt&Go’ functionality that allows you to measure inaccessible points. This significantly increases efficiency in the field, since levelling time is eliminated and it elevates data quality to the next level. Tilt and compass values to each measurement are stored for quality control and documentation purposes.

For more information, visit the Zenith35 Pro product page.

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Introducing X•PAD version 3.0

11 October 2016

Introducing X•PAD 3.0, the latest version of field software available for Android devices and for Windows Mobile platform. It includes X•PAD Survey for Windows™, for Android™, and for the Construc-tion version of Android™. Various parts of the new version has been completely redesigned, and while maintaining its well-known appearance and product value, there are now significant feature enhancements and innovations as better integration between the supported instruments (GPS and TPS).

For more information, visit the X•PAD suite product page:

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GeoMax at Survey India 2016

26 September 2016

Survey India 2016 is the 3rd national conference organised by SAMA (Survey and Mapping Association) and brings together all who are interested in land survey and mapping.
Our booth displayed the GeoMax latest stars, such as the Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station, and Zenith 35 GNSS receiver.
GeoMax Zoom 3D micro robotic solutions have put us all over the geomatics news and were extremely popular.

We also unveiled our latest piece of technology – the Zoom 90 robotic total station, the first of its kind to hit the market in India.
Many companies and groups were very interested in the innovative technology of GeoMax's comprehensive portfolio.

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GeoMax represented by Metrisys at West Africa Building & Construction 2016

11 July 2016

GeoMax AG & Metrisys of Ghana exhibited together at the largest trade show of the region, The West Africa Building & Construction 2016. Lots of networking took place with local construction companies and surveyors as well as with foreign companies from China and Lebanon.
The Hon. Dr Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah, Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, honoured GeoMax by visiting the company's stand.
Popular products at the show were GeoMax TPS (Zoom20,GPS (Zenit10) and the digital level (ZDL700).

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GeoMax distribution partners, Maksima, at the "Coal of Russia and Mining 2016" trade show

7 July 2016

Maksima,Russian distribution partners of GeoMax, presented a wide range of GeoMax products including GeoMax total stations, laser scanners and GNSS at the trade show "Coal of Russia and Mining 2016" at Novokuznetsk, Russia. The trade show, which took place June 7-10, was a huge success with more than 250 companies represented at this 36,500 m2 exhibit area and almost 28,000 attendees.

Maksima focused on the Zoom 300 laser scanner for mining applications. Because the GeoMax Zoom 300 is simple, affordable and easy -o-use, it was a sensation among mining specialists.

For more information on the Zoom 300 please click here:

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Thought Leader series from HxGN TV discusses GeoMax partnership with Gottlieb Nestle

1 June 2016

Thought Leader, the mini-series from Hexagon's HxGN TV, discusses the recent strategic partnership between GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle. Leading the discussion is Igor Matteucci ,of GeoMax, and Andreas Kern, of Gottlieb Nestle. Make sure to watch this interesting video informing on how the well postioned and recognised brand Gottlieb Nestle plans to strengthen distribution across the DACH region by offering the GeoMax construction portfolio.  

Watch the video here

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X-PAD TPS AutoMeasuring module for AndroidTM

26 May 2016

We are pleased to inform you about the release of the new module for X-PAD Survey software, X-PAD TPS AutoMeasuring. This module allows performing automatic or single measuring sessions on a set of defined points.

The system can be configured to automatically execute orientation to the control points and then measurement on a list of defined points; the reports of the measuring session are then sent the measures directly to an FTP server or attached to an e-mail.

For more information on the X-PAD Survey software please go to:

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GeoMax Roading module enables stakeout flexibility

26 May 2016

GeoMax released today the new Roading module for the X-PAD Survey software for AndroidTM. Using the Roading module, surveyors can manage their road design data in the field and perform all the necessary stakeout operations with original design data, without using point coordinates. The Roading module enables users to stake out easily and freely, with road design information at any station.

Users can select from three types of working: Cross-sections at specific stations, road edge polylines and cross-sections templates. Another useful command provides all design information concerning a user’s current location along the road such as: station, offset, horizontal alignment element, vertical alignment element, and elevation difference from design elevation and from current surface.

X-PAD modules
The X-PAD Survey offers a complete and powerful module range, covering all your daily needs at work.

Art.            Module
8243522  X-PAD Field "GNSS Android" including Advanced functionality
8243523  X-PAD Field "Cadaster Android" (option)
8243966  X-PAD Field "Volumes Android" (option)
8244898  X-PAD Field Android "Premium" (GNSS, TPS & Robotic)
8245866  X-PAD Field "Bathymetry Android" (option)
8246958  X-PAD Field "Roading Android" (option)
For more information on X-PAD Survey software please go to:

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New GeoMax EzDig Touch 2D excavator guidance system

22 April 2016

Increasing the functionality of the EzDig Touch 1D, the new model is equipped with a new sensor that allows the operator to work 360° in fields with a single or double slope and with no limits of a straight line. The sensor can be simply installed in the excavator cabin and allows spinning the cab even when digging a slope.

Key benefits
● Easy to use and easy to install system
● Precise grade control by providing the bucket position in relation to the target depth or slope.
● Sensors mounted on the excavator are calibrated to the machine and provide continuous depth control indication on the in-cab display.
● Accurate reading and seamless digging work. No need to stop working to place the bucket and dipper stick in the same position every time.

Key features
● Wireless touch display system for both tracked and wheeled excavators, mini excavators, and backhoes.
● Reach, Depth and Slope capabilities
● Machine memory: over 100 machines
● Bucket memory:   over 100 buckets per machine

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GeoMax Construction Warriors at BAUMA

14 April 2016

The GeoMax presence at BAUMA, the world’s largest trade fair for the construction, machinery and mining industry, has made a strong and lasting impression on thousands of visitors at the Munich showcase.  
BAUMA offered the perfect backdrop to unleash our unique and brand new construction portfolio, and to show why successful professionals choose our robust, dependable and unyielding tools, every time.  
The GeoMax team have engaged with delegates at an indoor booth and also at an additional outdoor courtyard, for demonstrations and product applications.
On Wednesday April 13th, a special event with GeoMax partners highlighted and celebrated the new strategic partnership between GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, which will further strengthen and develop the distribution of the GeoMax construction portfolio across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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GeoMax lead training sessions in Delhi

8 April 2016

Training sessions with our dealers in India centred on some of the latest innovations in the GeoMax construction portfolio.
Our partners gathered in Delhi for demonstrations and case study illustrations showing the main applications for the Zoom300 laser scanner, X-PAD MPS, Zoom3D micro robotic solution and the Zenith35 GNSS receiver with its unique Tilt & Go functionality.  The participants then put the technology to the test in a series of hands-on outdoor sessions.

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GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH announce a strategic partnership

1 April 2016

GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH have agreed a strategic partnership to further strengthen and develop the distribution of the GeoMax construction portfolio across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The well positioned and recognized brand, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, is one of the main distributors of quality surveying and construction products and accessories in the DACH region.
The company identified GeoMax as offering the technically advanced and comprehensive range of products and solutions sought by construction professionals in all segments.
GeoMax efforts and investment in the last years to position their products in the construction market have brought success to user, with the release of the brand new GeoMax laser rotator series the GeoMax construction portfolio is complete and presents the perfect time to explore new opportunities that could benefit customers.
GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH will join forces in the construction market from April 2016 to highlight the reliability and durability of the GeoMax product range to the DACH market.

About Gottlieb Nestle GmbH

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New ZAL200 Automatic Levels Series

31 March 2016

GeoMax releases a new series of professional automatic levels. The new GeoMax ZAL200 series are dependable and durable tools specifically designed for construction professionals.
With three different types of magnification, a new ergonomic and solid-built design, and full range of accessories and services, the GeoMax automatic levels provide great quality at affordable value.
Completing the GeoMax level portfolio, the ZAL200 series are positioned in the mid-range level and are ideal for professional construction levelling.

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Conference and training in Nairobi

17 March 2016

More than 60 industry delegates attended a technology conference in Nairobi, jointly hosted by GeoMax and our partner Metrisys Africa Ltd.
The advanced product features highlighted during the two-day event included those of the new compact Zenith35 GNSS receiver.
Using the grounds of the Nairobi Safari Club, a demonstration showed the workflow for the efficient collection and processing of spatial data using our Zoom300 laser scanner. Renzo Chiostri from GeoMax also led a training session for the Metrisys’ team on the X-PAP MPS software program.

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GeoMax presence at GeoSmart

4 March 2016

A range of GeoMax products were explained and demonstrated to India’s senior government officials and industry decision-makers during GeoSmart 2016 at Greater Noida, near Delhi.
The three-day conference at the India Expo Centre brought together more than 1900 participants from the geospatial community. The products on show included Total Stations such as Zoom 90, Zoom3D and GNSS receiver Zenith35, as well as cable locators and a number of other innovative solutions and new technologies from the GeoMax portfolio.


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New Zenith35 TAG GNSS receiver

3 March 2016

GeoMax releases a new model of Zenith35 GNSS series. Incorporating the unique Tilt&Go functionality, the Zenith35 TAG allows measuring inaccessible points and storing tilt values to each measurement for quality control and documentation purposes.
Inaccessible points with a vertical pole, like corners, walls, lamp posts or gullies under parked vehicles can simply be measured with the Tilt&Go functionality. Different to systems incorporating magnetic compass based methods, Tilt&Go can be used next to metal objects such as lamp poles or power masts or directly under electric power lines.

Add extra comfort and flexibility avoiding switching between the analogue pole bubble and the display, Zenith35 comes with an electronic bubble that displays in the field software and improves centring accuracy vastly.

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GeoMax creates impact at World of Concrete

7 February 2016

A prime location, a committed team and innovative products pulled in crowds of keen construction professionals to the GeoMax booth at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.
Regional sales managers were on hand to answer questions on the full range of GeoMax machine guidance tools and technologies, capturing the attention of record numbers of international visitors at this key industry event. 
With its size and features the dual grade laser was the most popular and asked about product, creating a huge amount of interaction at the booth.  During a themed second day the GeoMax team were even more visible in their popular construction orange outfits.
World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual international event for the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries and is a showcase for leading suppliers and their products.

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New GeoMax Zoom90 Robotic Total Station

22 January 2016

GeoMax releases Zoom90 Robotic Total Station Series, its new flagship among the total stations.

Dramatically minimise the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy to the maximum. Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity.

Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom90 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.

Know more about Zoom90 at:

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GeoMax at Constro India 2016

17 January 2016

Unprecedented demand for high quality survey technology made for a busy and productive four days for our local GeoMax partner exhibiting at Constro India 2016.

OM Instruments, Mumbai took enquiries from end users in construction, survey and education at the international fair in Pune, widely regarded as the country’s signature trade event for both the public and private sectors.  

Delegates were particularly interested in the time and cost saving potential of the Zoom 300 Laser scanner, EZiSYSTEM cable locators, the Zenith GPS/GNSS series and the range of Total Stations across the GeoMax portfolio.

The construction industry is the biggest employer in India, after agriculture. The development of Constro India as a showcase for construction machinery, materials, methods and projects reflects the further increase in expenditure on infrastructure and housing taking place over the next decade.

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New GeoMax Zone laser rotators

15 January 2016

GeoMax releases the Zone Laser Rotator Series. The new and powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotator portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications.
Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work wherever you are.
Solid-built and dependable in any element, these lasers have long-lasting operation from multiple charging options, the flexibility of a full range of interchangeable accessories to accommodate your unique work preference, and all at the best price-to-performance ratio.

Know more about Zone Series at:

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Learning from the best – Myanmar’s surveyors train with GeoMax technology

10 December 2015

A three-day training course on GeoMax Zoom 80 robotic total station and field software was run at Myanmar Survey Department to give technicians experience in the use of advanced measurement technology.   
The sessions were led by Mr. Mark Chiang, of Landmark Integrated Pte. Ltd, Republic of Singapore. 
Myanmar Survey Department is responsible for surveying and mapping the nation, producing topographic maps as required, and jointly carrying out boundary demarcation works with neighbouring countries. Keeping abreast of new technological developments through the training and nurturing of surveying personnel is a key objective.    


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New GeoMax FZ-B2 tablet

30 November 2015

GeoMax releases FZ-B2, a tablet specially designed for field professionals - fully rugged to support the most severe weather conditions and equipped with a powerful processor, Android® 4.4 and Bluetooth®.

Its multi-touch and sunlight-viewable screen allows you to interact with it without even taking off your gloves and its ergonomic and lightweight design naturally fits into your hands. The FZ-B2 tablet is also shock resistant and water and dust proof.

Know more about FZ-B2 at:

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New GeoMax Zoom3D Micro Robotic Solution

27 November 2015

New GeoMax Zoom3D Micro Robotic Solution

GeoMax releases the Zoom3D Series, easy-to-use and fast 3D measuring instruments, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

With very simple configuration and equipped with an auto levelling feature, the Zoom3D is a plug-and-play solution that speeds up the daily tasks. Its user-friendly onboard software helps with a wide range of indoor applications such as measuring, setting out or plumbing points. Levelling can now be completed with greater ease and speed, then exported in most common file formats.

For outdoor tasks, the Micro Robotic Solution is equipped with target recognition technology that automatically and easily centres and follows the target, allowing surveys and stakeouts in small construction sites.

Know more about Zoom3D at

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Post 2015 Nepal Earthquake

27 November 2015

GeoMax exhibited a full range of equipment to surveyors, architects, GIS professionals and senior government officials during an international meeting in Nepal.  
The exhibition was part of an international workshop focussing on the role of the land professional, in the context of the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. The Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal was among the delegates making enquiries at the GeoMax stand.

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New GeoMax Zenith35 GNSS receiver

26 November 2015

GeoMax releases Zenith35, the new GeoMax GNSS receiver. Compact and fully rugged, Zenith35 supports the full spectrum of satellite signals and is equipped with DynDNS technology, guarantying remote access and configuration from any internet browser, independent of your location. In addition, DynDNS allows you to connect up to 10 rovers simultaneously via TCP/IP.
Once connected and working either under heavy canopy or when the most accurate result is required, its unique ExtraSafe mode will adapt to your different working conditions.

Know more about Zenith35 at:

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GeoMax and GeoData at SITP 2015

23 November 2015

GeoMax, together with our partner GeoData, brought a range of exciting solutions to SITP, Algeria’s biggest trade fair for the construction industry.

The International Trade Fair for Public Works and Machinery featured 350 exhibitors from 17 countries. The highly successful five –day event in Algiers attracted thousands of industry professionals, strengthening our position in the African market.
On the GeoMax stand the advanced technology of the Zoom and Zipp total station series, automatic levels, laser rotators and the machine guidance system EzDig were of principle interest to delegates.

Algeria’s construction sector has an annual growth rate of 10 per cent and is considered a key industry for the country’s economic growth.

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New GeoMax Zeta125 Pipe Laser Series

9 November 2015

GeoMax releases the Zeta125 pipe laser series, professional tools for pipe laying and trenching applications.
Equipped with a full set of features and accessories and a tough design, Zeta125 and Zeta125s fit all needs, getting an error-free job done, no matter what the situation or the environmental conditions might be.

The smallest diameter
The Zeta125 series are built to fit in tight bends and narrow manholes. Its slim build makes it suitable for pipes with 125 mm (5”) diameter and the Zeta feet ensure users continue working in any site situation.

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Expansion to Warsaw for Poland’s main GeoMax dealer

4 November 2015

Our partner Geoline has opened a new commercial office in Warsaw, further strengthening the position of the GeoMax brand in the Polish market.
From a base in Zabrze Geoline have amassed 20 years of experience in the surveying equipment market. With a presence in the capital they are well placed to build on the success they have achieved in their first year of partnership with GeoMax.
They showcased their new premises at a launch party attended by representatives from GeoMax, the Polish Association of Surveyors and Warsaw University.
The Warsaw office will have a staff of three and will offer presentations and training alongside sales.

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GeoMax and Rumo-F at Projekta 2015

26 October 2015

GeoMax, exhibiting with our partner in Angola, Rumo-F, showed a complete range of construction and surveying solutions at Projekta 2015, the Angola’s largest trade fair for the building industry. Four successful days in which both companies have established contact with key private and public organisations and had the honour of receiving the visit of Angola’s Secretary of State for Construction, Mr António Teixeira Flôr visited the booth during Projekta 2015.
Over the past 12 years Projekta has developed into Angola’s most important showcase for the Construction, Public Works, Urbanism and Architecture sectors.  This year the event was part of the 40th anniversary celebrations marking Angola’s independence and attracted a record 500 exhibitors and some 15,750 visitors.
In addition to the government minister, delegates at the GeoMax booth included building contractors, engineers, architects, designers, purchasing departmental heads and directors of provincial and municipal organisations.


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Cutting edge technology puts GeoMax centre stage at SAIE 2015

19 October 2015

GeoMax made a huge impact at SAIE 2015, Italy’s key exhibition for the building and construction industry.
The four-day event in Bologna drew some 66,630 visitors and with a central position and large display space, the GeoMax booth attracted a continuous flow of visitors.  Demonstrations of our full portfolio of surveying and construction products has boosted brand awareness, with customer enquiries exceeding expectations.
SAIE 2015 titled, Smart House, took buildings and urban scale projects as its theme. In 2016, SAIE will be dedicated to transformations of the city, the territory and infrastructures. These complementary events highlight innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies, and new models of sustainability, renovation and urban regeneration projects.

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